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Paediatric Gastroenteritis

Fully subsidised Assessment and management of childhood Gastroenteritis Scheme

MidCentral Community Pharmacy Group (MCPG) has received funding to provide a fully subsidised service to assess and manage childhood gastroenteritis for those aged 3 months to 15 years inclusive. Where appropriate this could include the provision of oral rehydration fluid e.g. Pedialyte, advice and an oral rehydration chart to allow children with gastro to be rehydrated in their own home.  Children who are outside the scope of this service, e.g. there may be other factors involved or their dehydration may be too severe, will be referred for further medical care.

List of pharmacies providing this service

Gastro Leaflet including oral rehydration chart

Please note that this service is available from participating MidCentral pharmacies when a pharmacist who has undergone further training in the assessment and management of gastroenteritis is available. Your child will need to be taken to the pharmacy to be assessed by the pharmacist.